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  • A Summer To Remember (2021)

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    After a bully learns of his father’s abused past and one special summer camp, he sets out to make his father’s 30-year camp reunion unforgettable.

  • Shelved (2017)

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    Private Gumdrop of Santa's Special Ops has been sent on a mission to spy on the conduct of the little boys and girls of the world. What Santa didn't expect was that his elf would transgress and terrorize the Montgomery family. Now the Montgomerys must decide how they will will defeat this elf dol...

  • Pi Day Die Day (2016)

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    The date is March 14, Pi Day, whereon a serial killer is on the loose in the fictional small Ohio town of Euclid Falls. The students of Euclid High fear for their lives as their classmates disappear, falling victim to this elusive murderer. With the help of Euclid High's math teacher, Mr. Douglas...